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Patch, Lies and Data Tapes 

If you were to load the DX9 Voice Data Tape 1 into a DX9 and then flick through the patches, you would possibly notice something a bit odd. It would become apparent that the names of the patches on the inlay card (and for that matter the performance notes) often bear no relation at all to the sounds generated. These misnamed patches can't simply be attributed to opinion or artistic license, as they are quite striking. A sound described as "Train Whistle" is really a piano/string combo, a synth lead is really a laser sound effect, a horn and string sound is really tubular bells.

Of the 120 patches on Voice Data Type 1, 69 are named incorrectly. It is hard to find any mention of this, and equally hard to find mention of the existence of Voice Data Tape 2.  With which, Yamaha fixed the problem.

Yamaha's DX9 Voice Data Tape 2 begins with a set of 120 patches that are basically identical to those of Data Tape 1. However there are 2 differences. The first is that set 5 and set 6 are swapped, there seems to be no real reason for this but they are. The second and more interesting difference is that for the exact same patch data - the names are different and more importantly correct. Tape 2 is available from the downloads page in both SYSEX and audio format (Note: I've updated the audio FLAC after Martin Tarenskeen  of DXConvert and Reface DX Legacy Project fame noticed it was missing some data sets)

Below is the list of 120 patch names from the inlay cards of both Data Tape 1 & 2.

DX9 Voice Data Tape 1

List of patch names from inlay card, incorrectly named patches highlighted in bold

[I] Master Group [II] Keyboard    [III] Orchestral [IV] Percussive
& Plucked
[V] Synth  [VI] Complex
& Effects
01Brass 1Piano 2 PiccoloGlockenspielSynth Lead 2Horns & Strings
02Brass 2Piano 3OboeCowbellSynth Lead 3Marimba & Strings
03Synth Brass 1Piano 4ClarinetSteel DrumsSynth Lead 4Harpsichord & Strings
04Strings 1Electric Piano 2Saxophone (BC1)Tubular BellsSynth Lead 5Glockenspiel & Strings 
05Strings 2Electric Piano 3BassoonMarimbaSynth Lead 6Brass & Glockenspiel
06Piano 1Electric Piano 4Strings 3XylophoneSynth Clav 1Brass & Block
07Electric Piano 1Electric Piano 5Strings 4GongSynth Clav 2Piano & Voice
08Guitar 1CelesteStrings 5BellsSynth PianoPiano & Brass (BC1)
09Synth Lead 1Toy PianoStrings 6BlockSynth Brass 1Harp & Flute
10Bass 1 Clav 2Strings 7FlexatoneSynth Brass 2Celeste & Echo
11 Electronic Organ 1Harpsichord 2Strings 8SitarSynth Brass 3Police Whistle
12Pipe Organ 1Harpsichord 3Strings 9 KotoSynth Brass 4Train Whistle
13Harpsichord 1Electronic Organ 2Strings 10Guitar 2Synth Brass 5Train
14Clav 1Electronic Organ 3Brass 3Guitar 3Synth Brass 6Space war & lasers
15VibeElectronic Organ 4Brass 4Guitar 4Synth OrganEvolution
16 FlutePipe Organ 2Brass 5HarpSynth OrchestraOctave War
17Strings & BellsPipe Organ 3Brass 6 (BC1) BanjoTubular ExplosionWart Hog
18Laser GunPipe Organ 4Brass 7 (BC 1)LuteSynth BellsEarthquake
19Human VoiceCaliopeSynth Brass 2Bass 2Sample & HoldSpace Bird
20TimpaniAccordionHarmonicaBass 3Synth Log DrumData Transfer Noise

DX9 Voice Data Tape 2 

First 120 patch names, this is the same data as Tape 1 (other than V & VI being switched)

[I] Master Group [II] Keyboard    [III] Orchestral [IV] Percussive
& Plucked
[V] Complex  [VI] Synth & Effects
01Brass 1Accoustic Piano 2 ClarinetGlockenspielTub Bells & ExpansionLaser Gun 2
02Brass 2Accoustic Piano 3OboeA Go Go BellsGuitar & Feedback 1Police Whistle
03Synth Brass 1Honky Tonk PianoBassoonSteel DrumsGuitar & Feedback 2Old  99 (W whistle)
04Strings 1Electric Piano 2PiccoloTubular BellsFull Orchestra 1Whistle (W train)
05Strings 2Electric Piano 3Saxophone (BC 1)MarimbaFull Orchestra 2Space War & Lasers
06Accoustic Piano 1Electric Piano 4HarmonicaGongMarimba & Strings 1Evolution
07Electric Piano 1Electric Piano 5Cellos 1BellsMarimba & Strings 2Octave War
08Guitar 1CelestialCellos 2BlockHarpsichord & StringsWart Hog
09Synth Lead 1Toy PianoCellos 3FlexatoneBrass & ChimesEarthquake
10Bass 1 Clav 2 (Nasal)Violin 1CowbellCeleste & Echo OrganSpace Bird
11 Electronic Organ 1Harpsichord 2Violin 2SitarCeleste & GhostSynth Organ
12Pipe Organ 1Harpsichord 3Violin 3 KotoPiano & Strings 1Synth Clav
13Harpsichord 1Pipe Organ 2Slow attack ensembleBass 2Piano & Strings 2Synth Bass Clav
14Clav 1Pipe Organ 3Pizzicato StringsBass 3Piano & Brass (BC 1)Synth Guitar Lead
15VibeLittle PipesSynth Brass 2Guitar 2Harp & FluteSynth Bells
16 FluteCaliopeBrass ChoirGuitar 3Koto & FluteSynth Log Drums
17Strings & BellsElectronic Organ 2TromboneLuteBrass & BlocksSynth Brass 3
18Laser Gun 1Electronic Organ 3Brass dbl OctaveHarpBrass & Sam HoldSynth Brass 4
19Human Voice60's OrganBrass (BC 1)BanjoPipes & GlockTubular Eruption
20TimpaniAccordionHorns (BC 1)XylophoneRecorder & StringsData Transfer

Data Tape 2 - Supplementary Voice Library

The additional 300 patches

In addition to the 120 patches from Data Tape 1, Data Tape 2 contains another 300 patches collected into 15 different groups, called "Supplementary Voices". To be honest, a fair number of the patches within each of these groups are really just "slight variations on a theme", but they are still a solid enough set of additional patches for your DX9.

So, listed here are the additional 15 groups on Data Tape 2, it should be noted that Yamaha never produced names for the individual patches within these "Supplementary Groups"

Group Names

1. Electro Acoustic Pianos2. Electric Piano3. Clav & Harpsichords4. Organs & Organs with Brass
5. Accordions6. Music Box & Bells7. Brass8. Strings
9. Misc, Plucked Sounds10. Acoustic Sounds11. Lead Sounds12. Synth Sounds
13. Square Waves & Vocals14; Complex EGs15. Sound Effects


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